June Music in the Park | Tommy Alverson

Tommy AlversonArlington’s Tommy Alverson should be the permanent face of the Independent Texas Country music movement. He embodies all the hallmarks of the sound and the mind-set. Alverson is Lone Star proud. He’s artistically beholden to to nobody but himself. He loves American music, that decidedly Texas blend of Swing, Tex Mex, Southern Rock, Folk and Blues. He writes songs but also has no qualms about recording good material from somebody else’s pen. He’s made a living playing music this way.

Alverson’s new CD, Texas One More Time encapsulates his creative mantra in 14 songs. He covers expansive territory. You get a classic Texas Country anthem (Texas One More Time), a honky tonk corker (Brokenhearted People), a swinging ballad (Don’t Mind if I do), a Western swing number (It’s Hard to Say For Sure), a bluesy rave up (Sweet Love), a Tex Mex nugget (Move to Texas), and a humorous ditty (Willie’s Place).

Texas One More Time is Alverson’s ninth disc in a career that has been incredibly steady. He’s carved a livelihood playing and recording the music he cherishes in the State he calls home.    That’s the epitome of successful. He doesn’t need anything else.


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