Community Garden Policies

Our Mission: Aubrey Community Garden is established to grow and distribute vegetables, provide nutritional and cultural education for youth, and outreach to our diverse neighbors.

Garden Information
Aubrey Community Garden provides water

Gardeners are Responsible for:
• 12 Hours (or more) of community service assistance for the garden per plot per year
• A clearly worked, weeded and harvested plot all growing season
• Clear, weed-free pathways around their plot
• Seeds
• Organic Fertilizer
• Hoses
• Hand Tools
• Row Covers
• Any additional plot needs

Garden Policies

1. Gardeners are solely responsible for the planting and management of their own plots, including providing their own seeds, plants, and any tools.

2. Each gardener is responsible for watering his or her own plot. Be considerate of your neighbors’ needs. Lay hoses on paths only. Use water conservatively. Turn off water when you leave. Soaker hoses are not allowed. Gardeners must keep well house locked and should not share combination with others.

3. You are welcome to garden all year round. During the main growing season (April – October) show you are using your plot by:
• Preparing the soil for planting
• Planting and growing crops
• Harvesting ripe produce
• Removing weeds, especially those in flower or setting seed
• Collecting seed you want to save before it drops on the soil

4. When you are not actively gardening, continue to care for your garden plot by:
• Removing weeds, especially those in flower or setting seed
• Removing dead and dying plants, especially if they are diseased or covered with pests
• Keep plants within the boundaries of your plot

5. You are responsible for maintaining the paths and fence lines that touch your plot.
• Keep paths bordering your plot level and clear
• Remove weeds from the paths
• Keep plants within the boundaries of your plot

6. Keep Aubrey Beautiful and the City of Aubrey do not provide garbage or plant waste pick up. You are responsible for managing the plant material and trash from your plot.
• You may compost plant material in your home yard waste bins
• Do not dump material anywhere inside or outside of the garden

7. Prevent rodents and stinging insects from building homes in your garden.
• Remove piles of debris
• Remove food sources by harvesting produce when ripe
• Dump water that has been standing for more than 3 days to keep mosquitos from laying eggs

8. Organic gardening is required.
• Use only organic fertilizers, weed killers, or bug killers
• If you are unsure whether a product you want to use is allowed, search for it on Organic Materials Review Institute website at

9. Unopened bags of topsoil, compost or manure are not to be stored in the garden. Chop and spread these materials in your plot immediately.

10. Structures to encourage vertical growing, including arbors, trellis, tree branch frames, fence sections and cages are only allowed during the growing season, they are functional, orderly, safe and attractive. All growing structures must be disassembled and removed during the off-season.

11. Contribute and log a minimum of 6 hours per year in service to your community garden. Three hours must be completed by June 30, and a total of 6 hours must be completed by October 31.
• Contact your garden coordinator for a list of tasks that will count towards your service hour commitment
• If you are unable to contribute service hours due to disability or personal circumstance, contact coordinator to request an exception
• Gardeners who do not complete and log service hours and do not contact garden coordinator to request an exception, will not be allowed to renew their reservation and their plot will be reassigned

1. Gardeners are expected to be civil, honest, and cooperative in dealing with Keep Aubrey Beautiful, the City of Aubrey, garden neighbors, other gardeners and guests of other gardeners.
2. Gardeners may bring guests, including children into the garden, provided the gardener follows policies. Children are welcome in the garden, but they must be with an adult at all times.
3. Gardeners may not enter other plots, or harvest another gardener’s produce without explicit permission of the other gardener.
4. Gardeners may not grow any plants considered to be illegal under state or federal law.
5. Gardeners may not bring any pet or animal into the garden.
6. This garden is a non-smoking, tobacco free, vapor free environment.